Sustainability Mandate

Championing creativity, change and conscious design since 2002.


Nature is not only our life force, but the source of immense inspiration for us. We feel a sense of duty to mother nature, to look after her. We believe sustainable fashion can influence environmental change, social awareness, and conversations around sustainability. We incorporate sustainable practices, when designing collections and in our daily business practices.

Where possible, we source fabrics that are recyclable and biodegradable. We minimise the use of harmful chemicals, excessive water, energy usage and waste in the production of our garments and milling of our fabrications. We source raw materials, engage in production methods that consider the environment. 

It’s about consuming consciously. Quality over quantity. Pieces that endure in style and resilience.

We have a moral obligation to the people who make our garments to provide a living wage, healthy working hours, a safe hygienic workplace, protection of the environment, prohibition of forced labour, and elimination of child labour.

We have personally visited and inspected many of our off-shore manufacturers. All our off-shore manufacturers have been inspected independently receiving high ratings for worker’s conditions, pay and practices by well recognised bodies.

To learn more about our use of sustainable fabrications, visit here.