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Women's Jumpsuits

Momenttain’s jumpsuit collection boasts both casual and occasion pieces. Carefully crafted from silk twills, linens and cotton blends, our styles use immaculate tailoring and to take you from season to season. From professional wear to casual days, Momenttain’s women’s jumpsuits are endlessly wearable with a medley of unique detailing and feminised take on this utility wear classic.

Under the influence of 70s fashion, our wide-leg women’s jumpsuits offer a refined take on this once bohemian look with a buttery silk fabrication and elegant draping. With a high-waisted silhouette, this jumpsuit style is always flattering, elongating the body whilst staying comfortable. Perfect for special occasions, the all-in-one design adds an edge to any outfit.

For daily wear, our jumpsuit range includes styles which take on the clean lines and structured detailing in a woman’s jumpsuit style. With wide lapels and waist detailing, this jumpsuit style reimagines menswear through tailored silhouettes. The high waist lets it stay feminine and empowered, with this style just waiting to be paired with kitten heels for the workplace and beyond. Through conscious construction, our jumpsuit styles use 100% FSC certified viscose and renewable resources to create fashion that's kind on the earth as well.

Always versatile and comfortable, women’s jumpsuits are revered for their effortless look. With conscious designs and Momenttain’s iconic styles, browse our coveted jumpsuits today.