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We chatted with @vogueaustralia and @tencel_australia about our beautiful atelier, design inspiration and sustainable fabric choices. Watch the video!

 We chatted with @vogueaustralia and @tencel_australia about our beautiful atelier, design inspiration and sustainable fabric choices…

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"Alexandra and Genevieve of Smart, of homegrown label Momenttain, have been dressing Australians in their cool and classic designs for close to two decades. The sisters started their label back in 2002 and are known for their polished and playful and fashion-forward pieces but on a recent tour of their design atelier, the sisters explained how their commitment to sustainability has emerged as one of the most important aspects of their business. 

“I’d describe our work space as creative, filled with books, paintings, fabric, colour, great energy, music and awesome people,” shares Genevieve in this office tour video for Vogue Australia. “We are always designing new collections, often working months in advance before we present designs, so this space has to support creativity and the business of fashion.” Citing the library as their favourite place in the atelier, since it offers them both endless inspiration, the duo shared they like to keep their design space clean, relaxed and brimming with creativity. 

When it comes to the process of designing pieces, Genevieve says they begin with their purpose, which helps to inform their design mantra. “Our purpose is to create beautifully considered timeless pieces, designed to be worn many times and with a low impact on our global environment,” she shares. “At Momenttain, we believe that sustainable fashion can influence both environmental and social change and bring awareness to sustainability in general.”

One of the ways they express the brand’s sustainability ethos is in their choice of fabrication and their go-to material is TENCEL. “What I love about TENCEL is that it’s regenerated from wood cellulose, obtained from sustainable tree farms—no old growth forests, genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides are used,” shares Genevieve, adding that TENCEL is made in a closed-loop process, meaning that 99 per cent of the solvents used in the manufacturing of this fibre can be recycled.

But this design duo is also committed to using TENCEL because of you, the wearer. Given that TENCEL is made of 100 per cent bio-based fibres with botanic origin, the fibre is breathable, smooth and strong, making it comfortable for the wearer. “TENCEL fibre is beautiful to wear against your skin and is a strong fibre with longevity,” shares Alexandra. “It takes colour and print beautifully.” Alexandra adds: “The good news is that the options for living more sustainably are now there. Building a wardrobe for the long-term and being kind to the environment is the way we should all be thinking.”

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