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Photographer Waded has been shooting Momenttain’s beautiful imagery for several years... We talk to Waded about life behind the lens.

We are lucky enough to have met and worked alongside many CREATIVE and artfully talented people over the years. Masterly folk who have helped us shape and grow our brand. And we just think they are fabulous.

Here with, a series of conversations with creatives we love and admire... we talk about their passions and persuasions... and their desire to create, inspire and forge meaningful paths.

We hope their musings inspire you as much as they do the Momenttain team...

We’ve been collaborating with Sydney based photographer Waded on beautiful campaigns and cool street style images for some time now. We love Waded’s dramatic take on creating images that are at once visually stunning, but also aim to merge both beauty and art. We talk to Waded about life behind the lens... 

Did you always dream of taking pictures? How did your career start?

When I studied painting at university I would use a camera to do my research and then paint from my photos. In the end I found myself using my camera to realise my ideas a lot easier and faster. Momenttain, photography by Waded

What makes a great image?

For me, a great image makes me feel something. It has to move me emotionally.

Behind every amazing picture there is a talented photographer, using ever evolving technology that helps that image be captured. What camera do you use? Is there any specific lens you use the most?

At the moment I'm using a Canon 1DX3 camera. I do have a soft spot for Hasselblad though. I will choose a lens based on the feel I want from the image. I tend to use an 85mm which is a portrait lens, 70-200mm which is a zoom lens and a wide 35mm the most.

Momenttain, photography by Waded

Do you have a preference for shooting a certain genre?

I love shooting fashion and I also love meeting and photographing amazing women. It's very inspiring! 

What would you teach a future photographer about capturing fashion shots?  

Work with experienced models. Have people on your team that inspire you and who you love working with, and think about the narrative. If you have a grand story it will colour everything from the hair and makeup to the models, sets, styling and lighting.

Momenttain, photography by Waded

Are there artists that have inspired you and your work?

I'm inspired by many incredible artists. Whether it's music, painting, writing or anything, if it can make me feel something then that's inspiring for me. I Love Guy Bourdin's work. His colour and drama I've always found exciting. I love Annie Leibovitz. How she captures a powerful gaze. Also David Lynch. His work is so cinematic and otherworldly. Cindy Sherman. I love how she creates a narrative in her work. David Bowie legend legend legend. The list of great amazing artists is endless!

Momenttain, photography by Waded

Do you have a “bucket list” for the ideal shot?

 Shoot, travel, meet amazing people and work with awesome talents. And have a drink with Patti Smith and Rihanna.

What is creativity to you?

 You can be creative doing anything. It's about loving what you do and not being afraid to be different.


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