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We are proud of our long standing association with leading Australian hair and makeup artist Gavin Anesbury as our go-to beauty guru...

Hair and Makeup by Gavin Anesbury for Momenttain 

We are supremely lucky to have met and worked alongside many creative and artfully talented people who have helped us shape and grow our brand. Just quietly, we just think they are fabulous.

Here with, a series of conversations with CREATIVES we love and admire... we talk about their passions and persuasions... and their desire to create and forge meaningful paths.

We hope their musings inspire you as much as they do the Momenttain team...

With decades of experience at the highest level, leading Australian hair and makeup artist Gavin Anesbury is recognised world-wide for his creative talent and exceptional artistry. A leader in his field, Gavin’s passion for creative excellence has seen him work across editorial and advertising, as well as working on leading shows in the fashion capitals of the world. We are super proud of Momenttain’s long standing association with Gavin as our go-to hair and makeup artist on our campaign shoots and fashion shows.

Hair and Makeup by Gavin Anesbury for Momenttain 

How long have you been a hair and makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry

I started my hairdressing apprenticeship 30 years ago ...  but dont tell anyone !  

In my second year I began entering the hairdressing awards, contributing to photo shoots and producing images under my creative direction. Through these pursuits I won the inaugural  Vidal Sasson Scholarship awarding me 2 courses of my choice at the prestigious Vidal sassoon School and Creative Academy in London. Blessed ! After completing these courses I was resolute that Hair and makeup was my path.

You have an incredible career – what have been your highlights?

Whenever I work on a shoot and I see the final product and I’m proud of what we’ve produced it’s a Highlight !  Working with people that have been an influence on my being like Duran Duran , Mark Ronson, KDLang , Beauties like Cathrine McNeil , Abbylee Kershaw ,Stella McCartney... I could go on. Again I’m blessed!

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other artists?

I hope and aspire to produce looks that are striking and make the person I’m working on feel beautiful. If they feel beautiful and look beautiful it’s an 100% win. I try to keep an open mind about looks as fashion is an evolving beast.That excites me.

Hair and Makeup by Gavin Anesbury for Momenttain

What is Beauty to you?

True Beauty is often the simplest approach, enhancing someones natural features.

Everyone is beautiful - all the elements have to work together, personality plays a massive part along with makeup, hair, fashion, lighting etc. It's interpretive

What 3 makeup items no woman should leave home without?

- Suncream - La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen

- A good non dusting Mascara - My fave is Maybelline define a lash

- Egyptian Magic balm to solve any number of problems. Lips, Lids, Cheeks, Hair, Hands, Feet, whatever!

What is the most important beauty advice that you can give?

Invest in looking after your skin before anything else. 

Cleanse every night before bed. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise. Sunblock, Sunblock, Sunblock. 

Hair and Makeup by Gavin Anesbury for Momenttain

What does creativity mean to you? 

For me creativity is trusting my instincts and pushing myself to create looks that I’ve never seen before. I love not having a plan, sometimes things that you think are so wrong end up so right. Break the rules, push the boundaries. Experiment!


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